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国防部第五研究院财经道cjdao"Ha ha, zhou yu's child, medium my family adviser's plan also!" In zhou an complexion mad change of the moment, a furious angry cheers, zhang fei iron tower figure appeared, around, a team of jingzhou soldiers and 500 jiangdong soldiers surrounded.This is buried hidden trouble at the root of the giffin said liu bei, zhuge liang even more severe, he also can't control the heart, and this step, is to take the various ge is bright at a quick victory xiangyang, and after some plot is clean, now again want to fully integrated JingXiang family, than the various ge is bright, is expected to ten times more than difficult."Honey, eat later." Zhang song pinched the buttock of the other party in the eyes of the girl, making the girl laugh and run away.

"Bei also thought cao gong should be... "Liu bei zheng wants to push the position of the alliance Lord to cao cao, this is zhuge liang before the account is good, today is different from the past, when yuan shao relying on the position of the alliance Lord, can be vassal, but now the various forces have formed, the position of the alliance Lord has become a hot potato, once taken over, no benefit, have a hard battle also have to their own."All this time, how do you call me not urgent?" Wei yan on striking table, pang tong to got a fright, angry stare pang said: "general seibel in tiger fastened GuanLi enemy jun three hundred thousand, colorful, pound in the que commissioner of big guan yu, even cruising in hebei zhaoyun, d two times to war with jun, only us, tell us, from luoyang war to the present, has been more than three months, in addition to the hanzhong city battle, we almost are confronting with the shu army?"In particular, zhang song was a man of five short stature and his appearance matched that of pang tong. Mo said that even his elder brother zhang su did not pay much attention to him.国防部第五研究院Lyu3 bu4 to military rule, and fight for the men, not just defend, can also get a lot of reward, according to the military reward, not only the glory, more affordable, makes lyu3 bu4 under soldiers like hungry wolves have enormous desire for war, but cao cao can not under this treatment, the momentum are ok, but if the time is long, especially in the case of casualty rate greatly, jun can bring forth the gung-ho soldiers nature, once the mood spread, the Cao Caoke even back this chance is gone.

国防部第五研究院"Why do you ask? But why?" Zhou an looked at zhou yu and did not understand.There above the shield wall, a row of bolt, crossbowman injection hands quickly withdrew into the shield, followed by a clap a crossbow hand to climb, to the side to put the arrow, the range of the crossbow is absolutely more than the two hundred and fifty steps, although is single crossbows, unable to Winchester, but powerful terrorist, xh even feeling, even three catapult in front of the crossbow, also the sheepare bettered."Why do you ask? But why?" Zhou an looked at zhou yu and did not understand.

"How is the battle going on in liu xuande's side?" Cao cao avoided this topic, which he really did not want to face at the moment.Is it the job of a general to transport provisions? Especially in the front of the war is not conducive to the situation, zhang fei wanted to fly in the past to help his eldest brother, but zhuge liang is still that hated, let zhang fei sometimes very anxious to use zhang eight snake spear on his body poke more than twenty holes.国防部第五研究院




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