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登革热概念股曼秀雷敦批发"General rest assured, tube hai remember." Pipe hai promised 1, farewell zhang liao, straight out of the camp with men to go to live in goju.Zhang Wenxian don't mention him, HuangPu Song is the famous general in the late Eastern Han Dynasty, one of the main force of the battle of the yellow turban, even cao cao, lombardi these people have been working under its command, dong zhuo early years is also a name to move west cool, but later power day heavy, abandoned martial arts, as for sun chien need not mention, has been considered a historical star."Sun ce is dead?" Shepherd slope, lyu3 bu4 look at the latest information from changan, slightly startled, among governors, he is probably the last to know the news, at this time from sun ce was assassinated, died almost half a month ago.

"Is that you? Why are you here?" See the strapping man, haoshuai remember this person is that day to follow giffin up the mountain, see each other eyes show fierce light, heart can not help but a fear, want to step back."General fly how to ensure that you win the huns, will fulfill your promise?" For a long time, the moon king looked up to lyu3 bu4, silent tent, the moon king can feel their heartbeats have become abnormal."General, our army has no arrows to use now." Lieutenant astringent track.登革热概念股"Oh?" Lyu3 bu4 twisted his head and looked at Giffin. "What's your plan, sir?"

登革热概念股Shocked, looked at lyu3 bu4's eyes hostility also gradually dissipated a lot, with some respect."This..." Miao Shangwen speech, looking at Li You light expression, my heart can not help but tremble.

A few steps to Hua Tuo front, d some excited way: "Sir, how is the iron brother?"On the wall, looking at d before the army left the cold eyes, liang xing only feel a cold, suddenly a regret in the heart, he will d offended too dead, just things have come to this point, regret has been useless, for now, must cut the roots!"Sometimes it doesn 't work when there' s a lot of people." Korea hence sighed, If you add the huns, He has now nearly three hundred thousand military forces, sounds like a huge, but Korea hence is very clear, the three hundred thousand troops, but not just his Korea hence a person's voice, the huns five, and even burn when the king, are not necessarily with him, Korea hence play let these people when cannon fodder, how about other people no longer calculate.登革热概念股




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