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玛雅wang发信到|绿瘦多少钱"General, look! < / p > < p > a general rushed to xiahou yuan side, a face of fear to the rear point to go, xiahou yuan turned his head, can not help but gasp a breath, but see the cao army after the army was killed from both sides of the two troops stopped, with intensive arrows shot, several rounds of charge can not be near, completely scattered, began to flee."Well, then, according to the order of the king, I beg the emissaries of baiji to settle down in the post-house for a little while, and give you all a good answer before the snow and ice melt in the coming year." Liu xie smiled.

"Peace? Lyu3 bu4 sneer 1, as fierce hero, can you care about this?< / p > < p > one night without words, the next morning, zhang lu called hanzhong wenwu conference in the hall, the horses have been assembled, only to wait for zhang lu to give an order, can send yangpingguan, but before zhang lu ordered, a south zheng garrison quickly rushed in.At the beginning, lu bu seldom let pang tong ask about military affairs. Most of the time, it was to help lu bu make state decisions and formulate strategies. Of course, most of the time, lu bu discussed with jia xu and other people, and pang tong watched.玛雅wang发信到|"Men, kill me! Zang bitten to grind and dragged the pike to those based on the instability of lyu3 bu4 army rushed over, close combat, this relatively narrow place on the wall, was the power of the weakened, on the city daily regiment soldiers quickly up the crossbow, pull out combat knives, three to five people, two personality and attack others, cooperate with the tacit understanding, just a moment, then opened a vacuum belt in ChengTou kill, firmly established quickly.

玛雅wang发信到|"Be." Xu shu nodded his head, and after thinking for a moment, he said, "kong mingqian is a studious man who is good at argument. He often compares himself with guan zhong and le yi. In the past, Mr. Sima once said that wolong is kong Ming's chicken. ""How do I know? Zhang lu, with a bad complexion, put on his clothes and let his wife continue to have a rest. He pushed the door and went out with an unhappy face, but found the door open. Not only the housekeeper, but also yan pu of the long history, Yang bo, Yang ang and Yang song were all waiting outside the door."General, the cao army in the city has been cleared." < / p > < p > a school lieutenant came to wuan county government, find the accounts of ma chao, bow way.

Zhaoyun martial art do not weak in d, and even stronger, d follow lyu3 bu4 early, lyu3 bu4, too seriously, but zhaoyun is lyu3 bu4's son-in-law, and liaodong world war I, while some say it is a drag on the blessing of lu bu, but with an d lyu3 bu4 side at that time it is clear that the first world war and liaodong lyu3 bu4, except for five thousand cavalry does not provide any help zhaoyun, even the weapons also don't like this, can above the warlord, but zhaoyun with five thousand people, not only dry degree of the sun, more in the future signing of huan who played almost of genocide, war.It was in this way that liu bei conquered guan yu and zhang fei. Strength was of course important, but there were also many skills."There is no need to worry, general. Now our army only needs to make sure that the way forward is continuous, so that we can remain invincible. Pei ang bowed.玛雅wang发信到|




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