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三星s5230c游戏|大连西太平洋石化There is struggling against the xi four people smell speech squealed in the heart, a lyu3 bu4 have played they don't have the strength to, today again to a martial arts are not under any one of four holds the sea, it also make a fart ah, let's go, anyway, the tetrarch has fled, three people with injured xu chu turned and ran, and also coincided with a group of allied forces in this direction, lyu3 bu4 way is blocked."Well!" Ginger Jiong brought life, quickly arranged a title of generals in ancient times the camp led some troops occupied throughout the keys, a title of generals in ancient times, who is not just only know killing fighters, at the beginning of training time, as training camp of owl, lyu3 bu4 have had special tactical training, these people, can not only as a soldier, a time of crisis, can also as a command in the future, or pipe hai could not single-handedly, for such a long time, until lu bu.

"MAO ~"JingXiang, wenfeng golden, table is one of the eight jun, liu is keen to make local celebrities, in between the JingXiang gentry also are all honours, but also an outside three day, five days a big feast to entertain the past scholars, therefore liu table in shilin has a good reputation, CAI as JingXiang four big family home of one of the main, this party, often contact feelings, netting talent, nature is not strange, but also not is what will go to the party, if it is not what important people, more than half, will be CAI push to take off, after all, with his identity and status, have no need to win those ordinary intellectuals, Naturally there are a large number of scholars came to curry favor, of course, if some important parties, such as now liu biao solemn post to please, CAI MAO will not directly whisking liu biao's face, after all, or his brother-in-law.三星s5230c游戏|This battle, cao cao did not want to continue the stalemate, must be back to the guanzhong lu bu.

三星s5230c游戏|"Let him attack if he wants to!" More xi disdain pie pie mouth way: "our soldiers last night battle half night did not sleep, this time can not follow him together nonsense.""Thanks for the tie." Thinking, yuan shang has brought people over, formally salute to thank cao cao, no matter how to think in the heart, after all, others helped themselves, etiquette is sure to thank, otherwise spread out, yuan shang also what reputation?"No sitting, whoever sits down, one punishment at once, a hundred pushups, do!"

Black hill thief tide kind retreat, zhang yan walk up, looking at tube hai, wry smile way: "tube general, this is why bother, see your side, still have a few people in?""Poof ~" tsao chwun among the soldiers before, one arm gone, hundreds of butch ride out eventually kill, also only seven people, lone tsao chwun were standing behind him, looked at the opposite does not reduce the number of Biao ride who, lyu3 bu4 lance holding a party day, look at tsao chwun look solemn, hit at the moment, the outcome have concluded.In liu biao's bedroom, CAI shi leaned lazily on the edge of her bed. Although she was over 30, she was still full of charm. She looked at liu biao lying on her sick bed and silently looked at her.三星s5230c游戏|





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