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668买料卖料网|淮南市职业教育中心"This master ten thousand elite rushed to d, it concerns the future of our army, tube general with me, PeiYuanShao, you stay in gaoling, continue to drill military forces, and responsible for the distribution of hay." Zhang liao put down the letterhead in his hand, su rong looked at the two generals under the account.Cao Peng smell speech, look a hermit, naive scratching his head: "Who would have thought that Wei Yan but lyu3 bu4 under a member of the unknown generals, unexpectedly have such ability."During this period, If you want to dominate the world, Families are an unavoidable obstacle, Lyu3 bu4 also know, When you grow up in the future, when marching into the Central Plains, It is impossible to kill off all the families in the world, when he founded Chang 'an College, and then a series of plans, are designed to develop a mechanism that will enable the poor to confront their families, Changan academy is a starting point, after printing and papermaking mature in the future, is really shaking the ruling position of the family, but this mechanism, at present, is still an embryonic form, still very fragile, once there are a large number of families involved in this time, it is easy to completely crush the mechanism, destroyed.

Santa waving mace, excited to look at the nearer and nearer the barracks, according to the stake, can't stop the huns warrior impact, ridiculous moon people, you will pay for your ignorance!"Drop your weapons and do not kill those who fall!" Opposite the han army, a 50-year-old scribe more and more."Yes." Addis mercilessly stared at the giffin, sullen promised, with the men escorted the giffin away.668买料卖料网|"If you're serious, you'll have to start with Peikung Po-yu." Yangwang eyes a bright, looking out of the hall, leisurely said.

668买料卖料网|Cao cao saved the son of heaven at the beginning, want to take the post of general, why finally under the pressure of lombardi, general sent out?"Hum!" Liang Xingleng snorted, looking in the direction of d loudly way: "marching to war, how can such as that no man? D, if you want to revenge for your family, then to attack the camp, liang waiting here, if not this ability, or get back as soon as possible.""Marten is so careless?" Lyu3 bu4 frown will stationery aside, looked at the giffin way: "d now alone difficult to support, and Taiwan in the name of the general mansion to mobilize seibel, zhang liao out of town north county do very well, let him do, should pay, priority supply, but there is a point to tell the public, must not be introduced into the guanzhong war."

"Keep going!" With a cold drink, Lyu3 bu4 on horseback, With a backhand, he picked up Fang Tian's painting halberd, Head also don't back toward another general to kill, The general kill is rising, suddenly feel a chill forced to come, subconsciously back, but see the member of the han people suddenly don't know when has killed back, frightened in the heart, hurriedly want to turn the horse head to escape, four people were lyu3 bu4 easily fight, now the situation changes, he can't confidence and lyu3 bu4 war again.If this world, The person who knows lyu3 bu4's present strength best, That must be male broad sea, starting from joining lyu3 bu4, is lyu3 bu4 personal bodyguard, is also a top war, can clearly feel lyu3 bu4 in the unconscious, is becoming very strong, that kind of suffocating sense of oppression is also gradually increasing, just lyu3 bu4 himself did not pay much attention to it.668买料卖料网|




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