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股票手机供应维密魔法梳If it were not for lu bu's strict military law, lu lingqi did not dare to offend the words, I am afraid that they dare to go directly to the city to discuss.Today or yesterday for liu yun is a milestone in her life, from the moment they marry lyu3 bu4 start, their identity has been changed, but for lyu3 bu4, also only have one more important thing in life a woman, he has many things to do, cannot be too immersed in had sex.These days, pang tong was tied with the text every day, naturally know the identity of lu lingqi.

Zhang he leaned back on his chair, which had been handed down from chang 'an. Now it was very popular in the area of hezhou. He looked ahead with fixed eyes.Can see fate, feng shui, and one fuzzy fate, for this ability, the system does not like insight into operation explanation in detail, but lu bu found himself in the eyes of the world at the moment, seems to have changed a lot, between heaven and earth, to be a kind of thing, sending out the faint burnish, haunted by his side, in addition to lu bu, d between the rises have a ray of light of stars and was more than d, ma dai, from the north palace, hand head all have, just not as good as d, and the stars shine, faint, are connected to their own over the rest of the airflow.Ma chao turned his head, and his Wolf's eyes swept towards the troops that were writhing on the horizon and gradually emerging in outline. On one of the banners fluttering in the wind, the scarlet words, as red as those in red letters, could be clearly seen even at a distance.股票手机"Is that akuli?" From a distance, he saw a man of the size of a mighty sea tied to a pillar, Shouting abuse at the han troops guarding him.

股票手机"Don't dare, don't dare! Li kan quickly stood up and worshiped the two men. "please don't hesitate to ask me if you are in doubt. I am sure you will tell me everything you know."Three hundred battalions of hussars, raising their respective horse-cutting swords, charged at the four or five thousand massacres of the slaughter. This scene seemed very strange, but the slaughter had been killed, the fear, now see each other rushed, instinct wants to flee.That's it!

Such a shaft, how much force, in order to a person's head to live through? Liu bao can not imagine, but was really frightened by this scene, too late to rejoice, around their own tribe began to chaos."General xie han! Family members hurried to thank.Sound loud and nodded. "hundreds of career, but internal burning when, with a soldier, lyu3 bu4 itself is just a handful of many, although the han sui, but the west is cool and harmony state, now would not be able to stay in the army of thousands, if lu bu clever, this time shouldn't be thinking about how to intervene in the world, but grooming itself."股票手机




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