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封神榜之忠义乾坤全集|济南跑步机专卖店"Well, I was wondering if Kirby could believe it. What now?" Muronggui hate hate way, but not too much care, because in this battle, the loss of the final Kexin tribe and tribe to jin, left outside the king's courtyard, basically the main force of the two sides and some of Kirby can, Murong tribe and Tuoba tribe basic no loss.Outside the city, when they heard the sound of fighting, lyu3 bu4, pound, ma dai, ma tie's face instantly changed, lyu3 bu4 sword eyebrow a Yang, sink a track: "pound, attack!"No one answered. No one knew what had happened. A tribal leader smiled bitterly. "Let's make a detour, my lord," he said. "The people in the King's Court have blocked the exit of the Yinfeng Gorge. The horse pit is really tricky."

In all, From the beginning of this year, the invasion of hetao, half a year has passed, lyu3 bu4 didn't seem to have stopped, now return to hetao, catch up with the end of the guandu war, calculate up, for lyu3 bu4, this is good news, he still has a chance in the war, but also means, this year I'm afraid I have to spend in the barracks.Turning his head, he looked at Langan, reached out and removed the scarf from her face, looked at the still beautiful, but already haggard face, and shook his head. "Sure enough, once a man or woman is trapped in love, any ambition for supremacy will become an empty talk. I still prefer the ambitious you, and then conquer it, and you will be happy."Step root at the moment to the eyes of the huns tribe, suddenly with some pity, if begging for the vole people know at the moment timuzhen ran to their nest, don't know whether to pour out regret for the nest.封神榜之忠义乾坤全集|Chapter 53 don't teach hu ma du yinshan

封神榜之忠义乾坤全集|"When is that into xianbei?" Uighur when a blank face.Deep puffed out a mouthful of turbid gas, Quebec head waved back all, leaving Ulle in the king's tent, looked at Ulle, sink a track: "Ulle, you are my most loyal subordinate, you tell me honestly, this period of time, Timuzhen has not shown any opposition?"Lyu3 bu4 with a little indifference on his face, shook his head and said: "We do not belong to xianbei court, there is no reason to let xianbei court to protect us."

No matter how good Kirby could have been to them, Kirby was dead after all, and the living would have to live on. In the situation has been irreversible, in addition to a small number of red-eyed people crazy to kill the army around launched a deadly charge, most people calm down, chose to surrender."Of course not!" Lyu3 bu4 stood up, sink a track: "In the words of the han people, khan's identity is equivalent to the emperor, must not have any slip, once khan had any accident, that we even wipe out the enemy, also can't recover the loss, so I hope khan can forgive my recklessness.""Bang ~"封神榜之忠义乾坤全集|




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