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欧美最大胆的观阴艺术|黑耀乌发宝"Well!" < / p > < p > soldiers agreed to a direct look for a horse galloping away, zhou cang dare not delay, with the others toward the direction of xuzhou gallop and go.< / p > < p > liu bao nature is not willing to look at his damage is serious xiongnu again by lv bu poisons, but every time sent out the army collection, the other side is not at all and they pick up the war.Hetao was the north county, near Dijon is the seat of the north and west of si in the mainstream of the Yellow River flows through, making Dijon become a fertile soil, large areas of land west of the Yellow River floods overflow from here, and form a great lakes, called TuShenZe, is also a tu rest place, every man as tu the troops play moon people, lyu3 bu4 to play at the moment is near Dijon, also accord with the intention of relieve the state of zhao by besieging the state of wei, anyhow now lyu3 bu4 soldier less, will never play KuiBenEr battle.

"Be." Guli heart stuffy hum 1, with two soldiers left, go straight to the camp outside.Lv bu was standing under the city, completely within the range of archers' shooting, but at the moment, everyone looked at xiang Yang, no one started.Yes, he is the Wolf, in order to achieve their goals, can be desperate, he missed the most easy to fantasy age, missed a few love brush, missed the most pure friendship.欧美最大胆的观阴艺术|"Lord." Hesitating for a moment, zhou cang looked at lv bu and said, "actually, the young lady is quite talented in marching and fighting."

欧美最大胆的观阴艺术|Of grassroots officials, however, things come from selection of nanyang people, virtually, let lyu3 bu4 took a few minutes to enrage, anyway, this world is like this, if it is twenty years ago, the yellow turban insurrectionary mess of up, lyu3 bu4 it with curry is no different, but today, people have used the war, for these things to bear ability is also improved, at least not mess up."Pang tong, wen pin, these two daughters want to take away together, to the western region, also can help. Lu lingqi looked at lu bu, some vacant way, the two may have some name in jingxiang, but also not so that his father also surprised."Oh? What's the difference?" Lv bu surprised to see zhou cang one eye, as his side of the close guard, zhou cang as magnificent sea brave, but the ability is not bad, but more importantly, zhou cang a lot of things than the magnificent sea a little more careful, in due course of time, lv bu is will put out zhou cang for the mind.

Also is such a moment of kung fu, Liu Meng his has been defeated, survivors at that moment the lax captured by the success of lyu3 bu4, without hesitation to the chaos of the xiongnu soldiers launched the most brutal shocks, plus Liu Meng lyu3 bu4 shot him in the first time, the chaos of the huns under the impact of the lyu3 bu4, collapse down quickly, and under the drive of lyu3 bu4, started to hit another team.This is a bit far, but today's lu bu, indeed in this direction.It didn't matter that the other head was asleep, because han's surprise attack had obviously failed.欧美最大胆的观阴艺术|




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