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冷藏歌手鸭血批发"That Wei Wen-chang, who claim to be a general, was a little too careful." Chen xing said, can not help but sneer at 1, with military forces swaggering to the gate, loudly to ChengTou foot soldiers loudly way: "I am a title of generals in ancient times under general for thief corps commander Chen xing, the defenders of the city listen to, immediately open the gate, switch offer to surrender, otherwise, the day of the city break, will call you die without burial ground!"Lombardi smoothed his anger, then turned his eyes to the crowd. "Men," he said, "Yen Liang and his men of letters and ugliness were all slaughtered, and the armed forces were moved with vigour. At this time, I don't know who could serve as generals."Two people QinBing naturally won't sit back and watch their own leader was besieged, from both sides to kill, scene, instantly become chaotic, barracks, Kirby can troops in know Kirby can be TaBaJi powder and Murong GUI killed, instantaneous riots, and then the whole barracks will fall into a fight.

"Timothy brothers, have you ever thought of joining us xianbei king's court?" This is not the first time step root put forward the invitation, but the last time and this time, the situation is obviously different, looking at lyu3 bu4, step root seriously way: "don't you see it?" The huns have no, you have done good enough, unfortunately, sometimes fate is not human can defy, join us, I believe, as long as you want, we can make a big thing together. "Thunderous horseshoe sound, a member of the general with a large number of cavalry from the open YuanMen break in, surging cavalry like a torrent of all the annihilation in front of us, regardless of the enemy."Yes." Freeze wry smile, nodded.冷藏歌手At the gate of the city, Ma Dai saw that the garrison had hung up the no-war card. He rode his horse to the front of D, and sank into a deep voice. "Eldest brother, it seems that Zhang He was afraid of us. When he hung up the no-war card, he wanted to lure him out of the city again, even more difficult."

冷藏歌手"But..." The people hesitated: "Daqing Mountain is now the territory of the Han people, they may not be willing to lend us the way.In front of outsiders, Especially in front of his men, Xu togeher still pay great attention to lombardi majesty, At the moment, all the way back to lombardi camp, but also at this time, match sent messengers will also match the letters xu togeher to lombardi hand, which also match some suggestions, and xu togeher without knowledge, with people straight to lombardi main camp, full of joy to show merit.Deep puffed out a mouthful of turbid gas, Quebec head waved back all, leaving Ulle in the king's tent, looked at Ulle, sink a track: "Ulle, you are my most loyal subordinate, you tell me honestly, this period of time, Timuzhen has not shown any opposition?"

Han sui know machine way: "I would like to follow khan, a total of broken king's court.""Since the general opening, XiaGuan should obey orders." Zhang gu hurriedly way, as long as he doesn't drink, do anything."Master!" Ma Dai hurriedly stepped forward, hand way: "elder brother this battle has not slackened a bit, but we misestimate the strength of the enemy, failed to break the enemy as promised, still hope master mercy."冷藏歌手





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