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佣金代理|降阻模块"Yang yishan can be sent to persuade." Chen gong nodded."Since hedong is in urgent need, why not order ma chao to give up hedong for a while and go south to help heluo? As for hedong, after the overall situation is stable, we can slowly figure it out." "Li ru suggested.'no! Lu bu did not open his mouth, but li ru shook his head and said, "that is just to help cao meng DE to set up the camp. Our troops are all cavalry and are not good at guarding the city. If we live in the camp, we will lose our advantage."

Many of the women were red in the face by lu bu's blatant words, but none of them stopped. The tenacity of these women in the hundred battles was such that even the soldiers in the hussar camp were speechless.Zhao yunzhi, CAI MAO had more than one experience in jingxiang, now see this man appeared in lu bu army, the heart of a sinking for no reason.If Yang fu admitted that lu bu was unjust, it would be the best. If he did not admit it, he would have to quip. This would be equivalent to offending liu bei.佣金代理|"Rest assured, ye cheng should not have too many soldiers and horses. It will be conquered soon!" "Said yuan shang confidently. At that moment, a cry of killing was heard in front of him. In the morning air, a faint smell of anxiety came up.

佣金代理|"Kill!"And lu bu, in the choice of zhang yan, have apparently been as destined to be expelled from this dish chess players all over the world, after all, two people have crossed swords before, in the original lyu3 bu4's level, obviously, in the eyes of zhang yan does not have with cao cao, lombardi this character equal qualifications, even lyu3 bu4 then seal the Wolf is the professional, a sublime north, also is such."Good, some go to pick up mother." Yuan shang nodded and went back to meet liu and yuan's family.

Changan since after the death of dong zhuo, throughout the jiangdong people heart, has been poor, backward, with the deep and remote border region and there is no much difference in cold, thin population, the livelihood of the people die, no one is willing to come over, even if later lyu3 bu4 in changan, began to develop and promote the livelihood of the people, from take four years have now take 12 years at the very most eight years, however, there are several times during the battle, including sign west cool, sign hetao, sign the western regions, xianbei, and finally play lombardi, first years lyu3 bu4 have been almost fight abroad.Blood blurred the line of sight, the pupils of the loose stare at the front, gradually stiff body, so tightly clamping the horseAbdomen, until death refused to loosen, grip in the hand of the long gun still maintain the action of the thrust, the gun front has been cut off.The pang tong that is sitting drowsy on the chair suddenly shivered, watchful look all round, discover lv bu is looking at him with a kind of weird vision however.佣金代理|





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