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转世为人之魔幻大陆t.t魔法苹果光bb霜"Almost!" Lyu3 bu4 looked at mayi city, smiled.Early the next morning, before dawn, lyu3 bu4 led seventy thousand troops from linrong, all the way across the border, pentium, d led eight thousand pioneers, straight to mayi."Don 't try to cut off your tongue in that future!" Coss flushed, almost rushed up to cut people directly, the red-faced man really as disgusting as guan yu!

"Master wait!" Trial with smell speech hurriedly came forward: "Although the note is suspected of desecrating the morale of the army, but he just discord with me and other political views, and no other intention, is still one-hearted to give priority to the public, master so kill note, who dare to give priority to the public in the future?"Lyu3 bu4 here, is to January 10 stone to pay, one hundred and twenty stone, before, has been a satrap-level salary, and magistrate, in the system of officials, and county commanders these belong to the lowest level of officials, and then up, satrap, the main book, don't drive the state secretariat of the following officials, than in previous years the han dynasty official system has not a small promotion.转世为人之魔幻大陆"You..." Xu Chu furious, will carry a knife to cut people, 's hurriedly stopped: "ZhongKang not reckless."

转世为人之魔幻大陆"Now withdraw troops, not equal to give the king's court will each of us break the opportunity?" Kirby can smile: "Temuzhen bypass Yinshan, The most recent tribes are Tuoba and Murong, Temuzhen wants to save the king's court, Only one of these two tribes can be chosen to fight, Brother Tuoba and brother Murong and I led half of the military forces to ambush, the other military forces to stay here, continue to attack the king's court, will step down the roots of the army here, and so on we defeated Timuzhen, when the time comes to carry the momentum of victory, Timuzhen a defeat, the king's court must be more panic, we can summon the courage to fall the king's court! "Kirby can brave cloud way.Ule smell speech, face a change, is tolerant way: "adult rest assured, this matter, I must endow khan.""What 's Liu Bei' s move?" Solved the military affairs, cao cao is in the mood to tube liu bei at the moment, he has a feeling in the heart, after lyu3 bu4, this liu bei in the future, I'm afraid will also become a hidden danger.

"Zhang embroidery." Lyu3 bu4 finally looked at zhang embroidery way: "This time you will come to sit behind the town, help the waves to allocate hay, do not make a lack of!""Well." Falling in grant nodded, Turning to zhang he laughed. "human slaughter, Heaven will answer, Is to show greedy wolf, seven kill, broken army three fierce stars, Now should be northwest, Samsung converge, is to kill the situation of the wolf, also known as day wolf made ZiWei, when should be in the business tiger, in addition to master and cao cao for the central plains, north pattern, master if win, will gather ZiWei, but if cao cao wins, is ZiWei dim, day wolf made ZiWei potential, then, is really chaotic! ""Go to meng jin, must take meng jin, as a place where our army settled, the rest of the thing, first report to master, let's say again later." Coss stood up, maliciously looked at the direction of tiger fastened shut, some unwilling to say.转世为人之魔幻大陆




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