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2426网址之家|诺基亚e81手机"Sister, don't worry, we know." Big Joe and Joe nodded, even at the beginning quite a little wild Joe, a few months in lyu3 bu4 side stay down, also obeyed a lot."The general is promised you, but now, you violated the rules of the army, mob!" Lyu3 bu4 coldly looked at the huns: "this is your own fault, put arrows!""Then I 'll give you a ride!" Wei Yanleng hum 1, although cao peng offensive more fierce, but wei yan has found that the rhythm of the other party has been disrupted, the moment again rise up, and cao peng war together.

Liang Xing coughed up a mouthful of blood, a long time before struggling to stand up under the support of QinWei, frightened to look at d, some weak way: "brothers, d has said, the day of the city broken, is when I die, so why not die!"However, In Lyu3 bu4's view, These are far from enough, when South Xiongnu went south to naturalize, But 50,000 people, But now, after untold years of development, A southern handsome can take twenty thousand people to west cool plunder, the south, Korea hence don't know with what excuse, unexpectedly will five huns all please, calculate the huns left in hetao, south xiongnu now population, not under three hundred thousand, this is how terrible a number, this is a race of all the people!"General Wen Chang is a great general in the world, don't want to account is also full of talented people." Zhong yao said with a smile, this is a courtesy of nature, wei now martial arts may not vulgar, but also when not when the world general four words.2426网址之家|In the early morning, the thin mist gradually dispersed, A mighty team from huai county, full of more than ten miles of motorcade, or hay, or weapons, or some other trench, the trip to hanoi, not only got three hundred thousand people, but also got hoarded hay trench in hanoi, these things, not only cao cao, and hanoi family wealth, almost all here.

2426网址之家|Shield hands at the moment are mostly caught in the fire, rolling on the ground, at the moment the back row of soldiers like a naked girl, the door is wide open, in a desperate cry, with the arrows burst empty, accompanied by a section of the music of death, countless west cool soldiers as if by wheat.Sacrifice in countless nowhere to vent the cheers of young people, the atmosphere was pushed to the top, unlike the usual seen in the valiant, when a dress of the Qiang Yang Xi appeared in the middle of the crowd, lyu3 bu4 seemed to hear countless wild animals roar excitedly, let him instantly have a kind of illusion of being in the wolves."This..." Hua Tuo some embarrassment, his goal, is to hang the pot to help the world, rather than for a surname service.

"This …" Lyu3 bu4 smell speech shook his head a way: "The misinformation."For a long time, lyu3 bu4 nodded and said, "well, wen and nature are more familiar with the things in baishui qiang, wide sea, you will follow wen and go, protect wen and thoughtfulness, everything to listen to wen and command, do not make your own opinions."Chapter VI Baishui Qiang2426网址之家|




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