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中国船长故事新闻润可丽儿"They don't order us, they order more!" Zhang liao glanced at the direction of yecheng, continue to command the soldiers around: "everybody moves faster, every one wants to have a Mars crossbow arrow tower, a row of crossbows and three even crossbows, brothers, our military training for 5 years and this is the first battle over the past five years, must be beautiful, remember to me, as long as there are enemies alive, don't give me stingy JianCu, cao cao that dwarf the blokes dare to assassinate master, this tone, let alone the tetrarch swallow not to descend, we also swallow not to descend, this battle, must play, the master said, JiZhou is cao cao and he should compensate to us, to the first general spent the jizhou soldiers to play didn't, let them know our fierce! Want to do meritorious service!"Jia xu, Chen gong, xu shu and zu su were waiting in the conference hall, accompanied by zhaoyun, lu lingqi and pang tong, who had not left."Master Chen, here you are." A woman who was half an old lady of xu niang greeted Chen qun with a somewhat humble attitude.

However, even though Confucianism is now only one of the many schools in chang 'an, it is definitely higher than the famous scholars in the central plains in terms of international status. This is why the Confucianism has made a fierce fight recently, but it has ignored the solicitation and incitement from the princes of kanto. In short, you are not qualified."If we want to besiege ye city, we would imagine that there would be no less than 80,000 soldiers in this camp, if there were enough of them?" "Exclaimed a counsellor."It's not over yet. Get on with your business." Lv bu raised his eyelids, looking at the distance, straight to his man.中国船长故事新闻CAI shi did not panic, just a light look at CAI MAO: "don't be here."

中国船长故事新闻Lyu3 bu4 nod, indeed, the right desire of this woman is very big, expensive frost is in thousands of miles away again, bad grasp, expensive frost to oneself, be equal to piece of enclave, calculate afterwards she does not admit zhang, lyu3 bu4 also take her no way."That is not necessarily true. The shu road was difficult, and lu bu's powerful crossbow was restricted a lot in shu. Moreover, the family in shu did not want lu bu to occupy shu, and they wanted to break through shu, even if there was no external influence, it would take at least five years." Xun yu shook his head, shu road is difficult, the limit of the crossbow in the mountain battle is very big, because the mountain road can not be straight, your crossbow attack range is large, if at the turning point of the mountain road set up a ambush or camp against the words, lu bu bow advantage can not play out."Lord don't worry, but bravado!" Yang bo sneered at the other side, so far away, even if they take advantage of the wall, there is no way to shoot the arrow so far.

"Maybe." Pang tong nodded silently and suddenly looked at xu shu and said, "shi yuan, I don't regret it.""Come here! Zhang fei's face flashed a bad smile. While guan yu was talking, he suddenly made an effort and prepared to make a decisive decision.However, to his surprise, the veteran had some strength. Although he pulled him and moved his upper body to this side for a few minutes, he did not move at his feet. Zhang fei stared at him for a while.His city, jun although there are many survivors, but in the next, zhang liao army blanket roller compaction, xh to reorganize the defense, and followed by d Zang bully, zhaoyun drop in banned, JiNa areas, large city, xh overnight became a rat crossing the street, spent in jizhou lyu3 bu4 army after next, hide, more than ten days later, just before night in the Yellow River to find the place where the water is not rushing to swim.中国船长故事新闻




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