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誓言的秘密 电视剧|浙江天能集团Looking at the astonished faces of the three, he shook his head with a smile, Guanzhong military forces in lyu3 bu4 before the official takeover of luoyang, Although there were no big moves, But every year it's for training, invariably assaulting the grasslands and some Western Regions adversaries, Not only rich in combat experience, and each unit will have at least one artisan followed, record the merits of weapons, and then study, over the years, the guanzhong military forces play more refined, no matter how or weapons, has long been far away from the central plains, sometimes, together with a hundred people can break the grassland on a small and medium-sized tribe."Bang-Bang-Bang ~""Don't worry, the army into the city, you need two people to make, not one, if general lee didn't promise, how can I come here?" Xie Cheng said this in the heart actually have no bottom line, because ma to say drop li muddy, has not yet come to a conclusion, this matter is really uncertain, but now that the words have been exported, also can only stiffen the scalp to say it.

Tardif saw a subconscious hiding, twisting the bow strings of the fingers is a loose, a sharp arrow has been broken out of the air, just shot a little, into guan yu's shoulder."Then we …" Wei Yan stared at Pang Tong, puzzled, "why send troops?"This time, even if beat back the jingzhou army, jiangdong also have great vitality, no years of kung fu, fundamentally recovered, but this world, really can hold out to a few years later?誓言的秘密 电视剧|"Oh? Blocked? Cao cao didn't do it?" Luoyang, a title of generals in ancient times riding hall, is with giffin lyu3 bu4 surprised at the information sent up by the night hawk, pass the information to giffin, turned to look at the night hawk: "closely monitor the movements of both sides."

誓言的秘密 电视剧|"How long will it take?" He Qiwen speech can not help but wry smile way: "Now this song a city soldiers but a thousand people, and everyone wounded, don't say a few days, today if not the child righteousness, I'm afraid this city had been broken by guan yu.""Buzzing ~"In this unfavorable situation, single-handedly, slay the enemy master is undoubtedly a good way to reverse the situation, if the other master slay, that even if the guanzhong military forces again elite, without the command of the coach, zhang fei can also use various methods to break the difficult army.

"I am indeed clever, at least cleverer than you." Lv Zheng is not annoyed, smiled and said: "But this is not the main reason, better than you also show no ability.""My lord horse on the day of luoyang, bright is to give up an official position, also want to protect the yuan. Zhuge liang shook his head and never gave way.He is a mediocre man who is not envy, As I was told, Not afraid of people scold, afraid of no one scold, a society, if there is only one voice, that is an abnormal thing, of course, these people can't be used to, some pertinent opinions lyu3 bu4 will collect, but some people scold for scold, sorry, this life wealth, career even with you, don't tell me what you are.誓言的秘密 电视剧|




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