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布拉克曼秀|脉诺通"It's a bit of a problem." Wei yan listen, nodded, shooting sound camp equipment is the best, storming, ordinary soldiers armor, can catch up with the central plains governors general armor, under normal circumstances, don't say is field, even siege, also can break the city at a minimal cost."Here!" QinWei smell speech, didn't ask, hurriedly quit, and ChengFang hurried to see lu zheng.

"Despise Chao Kuo?" Lu Zheng seemed to guess what Ma Su was thinking. He shook his head and waved. "Let's go," he said."Yes, the third defeat, because your opponent is me?" Lu Zheng laughed.Ma Su and a family leader, With a group of families gathered in the family home, quickly ran to li hun camp, things surprised him, now, must control the ten thousand defenders in the city as soon as possible, not too much, as long as control of chengdu for a month, I'm afraid the frontline supplies will run out, then, pang tong is able to have all day, then is also powerless.布拉克曼秀|Rare opportunities, tardif and zhou tai how to let go, is about to chase, a few guan yu QinBing rushed up, directly into the legs of the horse, hard to stop the two people, can only watch guan yu to escape.

布拉克曼秀|"Here!" Xing Daorong before see tardif can fight guan yu hundreds of rounds, then know the jingzhou army, in addition to guan yu, zhang fei and huang zhong, I'm afraid no one can beat this person, is guan yu don't say, he also won't go up to ask for it.There tardif with scold is huan, but suddenly see guan yu camp YuanMen open, subconsciously turned and walked away, but the pursuit did not appear, but heard a burst of laughter from the camp, they turned their heads to look, but saw a group of jingzhou soldiers looked at the direction of their escape laughed loudly."General, I can't run, general horse fast, can take a step, while there is some strength, I wait for the general hold jiangdong usurper, the next day, and revenge for me!" A general said with a wry smile.

Until late at night, Cheng Fang bid farewell to Lu Zheng, looking through a military book in the camp, He came from a poor family, When I was young, I didn't have the ability to study, until the changan bookstore of lyu3 bu4 popularized books, into just really have the opportunity to contact these, therefore, the in the mind to lyu3 bu4 is very grateful, and if not lyu3 bu4, in his capacity, is not qualified to lead an army alone, which is why ma think ChengFang, wang yuan is not good to surrender the root cause.With wei commanded, three thousand crossbow arrows out of the air, the mountain, yan yan haven't had time to answer the subordinates, feel scalp a tingling, instinct to hide behind a tree."An overwhelming victory?" Method is looking at wei yan, Shake his head laughed. "General zhang don't know, since the tetrarch named wolf ju xu, this nearly ten years, I guanzhong army in fighting with conference semifinals, very few hundreds of casualties, and this time, unexpectedly damaged seven hundred elite, is absolutely in recent years our army in foreign wars, suffered such a big loss for the first time, if this is passed back, will be taken as a laughing stock."布拉克曼秀|




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